Allison Yasukawa


October 2017



Courtesy of the artist

Allison Yasukawa is a Los Angeles-based artist who explores the power-plays of social encounters through objects, images, sound, and performance. Yasukawa’s project for Ski Club, Mayhem, is a character study in an American archetype: the grandeur-delusional asshole. He is charming, he is reckless, and he has the drive, and the expectation, to be the very best of the very worst. He was there, reigning on high, when something went terribly, terribly wrong. Now he is no longer America’s loathsome sweetheart, but he will not take his defeat lying down. Mayhem is his undoing—an ensuing destruction that slams him to the ground, swagger and all.


Yasukawa’s work has been exhibited at spaces including the American University Museum (Washington D.C.) Gallery 400 (Chicago), and Dak'Art OFF (Saint-Louis, Senegal). She holds an MFA in Studio Arts (2010) from the University of Illinois at Chicago and teaches at CalArts.

3172 North Bremen Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212   

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