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Danielle Rosen

This exhibition is curated by

Nicholas Frank


July 4 - August 8, 2015



Saturday, August 8th, 8pm

Anais Daly

Nicholas Frank

Danielle Rosen

Danny Volk



Courtesy of the artist

Danielle Rosen’s interest in the interrelationship of ‘non-human animals’ and their human-animal counterparts propels her interdisciplinary work. Rosen completed BFA studies at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, then received her MFA from the University of Chicago, and since has performed and exhibited in Milwaukee (at Dean Jensen Gallery), Chicago, New York, Denver and Philadelphia. Her 26-volume work An Encyclopedia is in the Special Collections at the University of Chicago, and a 10-volume version is in the Douglas Fine Print Collection at the Denver Public Library. In 2011, Rescue Press published The Institute for Species Systemization: An Experimental Archive, her book of pseudo-scientific research and performative documentation, and Rosen’s recent photographs, books and sculptures continue her problematization of human cultural representations of non-human animals. This October, Rosen will participate in a group show curated by Laura Letinsky, titled Looking Askance, at GallerySKE in Delhi.

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