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Gean Moreno


Exhibition Dates:

May 2-24, 2015





[The image accompanies a Moreno essay titled "Etruscan Monochromes," that forms the basis of the exhibition.]

Gean Moreno is an artist, curator, publisher, editor, administrator and public intellectual in Miami. Moreno turned a 2009 Knight Arts Challenge Grant into [NAME] Publications, which supports Miami-based artists books, one of many projects designed to platform the work of artists, designers, authors and makers of uncategorizable projects. His own writing has been featured in e-flux journal, Monumagazine, Flash Art, Art Nexus, and ArtUS, and he is a contributing editor for Art Papers. His artwork has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Kunsthaus Palais Thurn, Taxis in Bregenz, INOVA in Milwaukee, Haifa Museum, Arndt & Partner Zurich, and Invisible-Exports. His curation includes "Don't Torture the Rotten Ducklings" at INOVA, "On Platforming" at Locust Projects, and other shows too numerous to mention. In 2011, the Miami New Times 'interviewed' Moreno as #25 of "100 Creatives," seeking the thoughts of Miami's "cultural superheroes." In answer to question #4, "Why do you do what you do?" Moreno responded, "I'm increasingly unsure of what exactly it is that I'm 'doing.'" Currently, Moreno is Artistic Director of Cannonball, a residency and education program in Miami.


The Ski Club thanks Mark Borchardt and Steve Wetzel for their contributions to this exhibition.

This exhibition is curated by Nicholas Frank

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