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Jenna Knapp

DIY Energizing Essential Oil Inhaler


Riverwest 24




 Courtesy of the artist

The Self Care Studio is a platform that illuminates the practice of self-care techniques through a variety of mediums. The studio’s online presence shares daily positive reminders in our social media-driven culture. By posting illustrations and texts the studio aims to promote self-kindness in times of healing, radical self-forgiveness, and prioritizing ourselves with mantras such as “self-care is not selfish.”  The Self Care Studio also exists in the physical world as a pop-up shop. It sells self-care merchandise and facilitates workshops that provide a variety of hands-on sensory projects that encourage us to carve out time for ourselves by slowing down in the present moment. The Self Care Studio is a project of artist, author, and activist Jenna Knapp

RW24 - Checkpoint

Make your own aromatherapy energizing inhaler with The Self Care Studio at The Ski Club to keep you going the whole twenty-four hours, naturally. Learn more about the benefits of essential oils in this quick hands-on workshop and see how easy it is to create your own blends and products to serve your everyday wellness needs. 


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